Welcome to the Benelux Gallery
a venture of TheArtof.MEDIA

Welcome to TheArtof.MEDIA's Benelux Gallery

Here, in preparation for planned galleries in the Benelux Union, the accompanying web presence is being created. On this page you will be informed about dates and current topics concerning the Benelux Gallery of TheArtof.MEDIA. You will also be able to purchase excerpts of art prints of some of Nicolas von Jahn-Burian's works.

Bienvenue sur la Benelux Galerie de TheArtof.MEDIA

C'est ici qu'est créée la présence web d'accompagnement en préparation des galeries prévues dans l'Union du Benelux. Sur ce site, vous trouverez des informations sur les dates et les thèmes actuels de la Benelux Galerie de TheArtof.MEDIA. Vous pourrez également y acheter des extraits de certaines œuvres de Nicolas von Jahn-Burian.

Welkom bij de Benelux Galerie van TheArtof.MEDIA

Hier wordt, ter voorbereiding op geplande galeries in de Benelux Unie, de bijbehorende web presence gecreëerd. Op deze pagina zul je geïnformeerd worden over data en actuele onderwerpen met betrekking tot de Benelux Gallery van TheArtof.MEDIA. U zult ook in staat zijn om uittreksels van kunstdrukken van enkele werken van Nicolas von Jahn-Burian te kopen.

Dus, tot dan.
Alors, à bientôt.
So, see you then.

Benedikt Jansen / © NEWS TheArtof.MEDIA

A painting tells a story, is a window into the soul of the artist. A painting can draw in the depths, fill the space with life. But a fascination, a pleasure can also be created on two levels. Each of Nicolas' paintings tells a part of his life, the moment of an experience. Some designs were created years ago, but only find their completion in the present. Reasons? Many and varied. It can be easy to tell a story, but it is not always so. A story must also want to be told, only then can it captivate. 
The Benelux Gallery is a space for artists with story(s).

A small (pre)selection of originals on display in the Benelux Gallery. In addition, a few hand-numbered copies of them will be available as art prints.
(The preview will be extended successively)

The planned launch is in Benelux Union 2025.
In the future, other artists will also be able to exhibit their work in the Benelux Gallery and offer it for sale. To promote still unknown masters and talents, entirely without commission and costs for them.

"third with it" (three faces)